Sneaky Snake - Ophidan by Ronjo (M9/1031) (Ronjo)

Sneaky Snake - This trick has a real bite!

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Now exclusively available with a Bicycle Brand Rider Back poker sized playing cards gimmick.

Now exclusively available in Bicycle Brand playing cards.

Comedy magic with surprise endings are great choices.

Ophidan the Sneaky Snake card trick, is so much fun. The snake steals the show and you control the fun.  A card is selected and lost in the deck. Sneaky Snake slithers through the deck to find the selection but he grabs two by mistake. He is ordered to drop one of the two immediately!  You now struggle to pull the remaining card from his jaw finally the card is free from danger.  When you look at the card you will be amazed because not only is it the selected card but it now has two bite marks going through the card.  Comes with a Bicycle Poker gaff, the star of the show Sneaky Snake and a velvet bag.  

Please note:  You need to use your own deck even though the instructions say a deck is included. Thar is becuase this effect used to come with the not readily available Fox Lake Bridge size deck of cards and a special Fox Lake Gaff. We now supply you a preferred gimmick made from Bicycle cards (use your own deck).  Sorry if we caused you any inconvenience.

Color gimmick supplied may be Red or Blue and snake supplied (red, yellow, green or black will vary.

Additional gaff cards are available seperatly.

Here's Ronjo himself performing Sneaky Snake. Check it out on You Tube!

Gary 29-05-2017 16:41

When I first considered getting this trick, I thought that maybe it was a little too silly for me. It's not - the playful exterior of this effect conceal a very sophisticated, well made effect. It's lots of fun to perform, great for kids or adults, packs small but packs a punch! YOU WILL NOT REGRET ORDERING THIS!

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