Snot Rag - Dirty Handkerchief Gag (Ronjo)

Snot Rag - The dirty handkerchief gag! Eeeeh it looks fresh and wet. 

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Snot Rag - The dirty handkerchief gag!

Pretend to sneeze in it. Ahh-Choo!

Then proudly show FAKE but realistic looking nasty boogers and snot to your friends!

For added effect: Run the hanky under water before you use it!

Pretend to Sneeze:
Then leave it on your friends table. 
Toss is to a friend and ask them to throw it out for you.
Put in in your pocket and say that you have to bring this to the doctors for tests.

YUCKY FUN for every one! looks fresh and wet. 

These are hand made and each a little different. Some have "blood", some have "Soot", "all have snot and boogers."


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