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Ronjo Stage Magic Kit - 5 Tricks

Ronjo Stage Magic Kit - 5 Tricks
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Professional Stage and Parlor Magic for beginners of all ages.
5 Great Effects!
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Chinese Sticks: One stick has a long cord and the other a short cord. When the magician pulls the short cord, the long cord simultaneously becomes short. Repeat this unexplainable feat several times. The audience thinks the cord is connected to the two sticks but magician separates the sticks. The cord still moves as if they were connected. In the end, you show them the sticks and cords are not connected in any way.

Multiplying Golf Balls: One ball held at your finger tips, visibly becomes two, then three and finally a fourth ball appears between your fingers. As fast as they appear, they disappear one at a time!

Crazy Glasses: Ready for something really different? Three separate clear plastic cylinders are shown and stacked. The magician now pours three different colored liquids one at a time in the topmost cylinder. These liquids visibly penetrate each other and each separates into its own cylinder! Cylinders are unstaked and liquid poured from each to prove it's real! Includes cylinders and great routine. All the cups are unstacked and poured out to prove the liquids are real. Includes 3 special tumblers with red and yellow (mix for orange) food dye. You supply water and 3 more cups. Self working.

Candy Factory: The magician shows an unmistakably empty hollow tube and a full glass of sugar. You pass the glass of sugar through the tube, when it emerges the glass is seen to be full of hard candies such as M&Ms. You can then pass the candy out to the audience! Or transform a glass of milk into cookies. Great effect for children’s show. Very easy to do. You may also use these props to change loose tobacco into cigarettes. Just as effect for adult audiences!

Flower Cone: Two flowers and two cones are shown. The spectator selects either the red or yellow flower for themselves. Then they select either cone for themselves. You take the remaining flower and cone and insert the flower into the cone. Have the spectator for the same with theirs. Turn everything upside down, your flower stays suspended and their flower falls out. You can even hold the top of your flower and the cone stays in place. Set it down on the table and switch flowers and or tubes. No matter how hard they try or which flower or cone they use, gravity prevails. But for you, the flower always seems to be stuck to the cone.

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