The Complete Guide To: The Miracle Cups And Coins by Ronald Diamond - Book (M7) (Ronjo)

The Complete Guide To: The Miracle Cups & Coins _by Ronjo® (Booklet Only)

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The Complete Guide to The Miracle Cups And Coins by Ronald C. Diamond is the 15 page manuscript for the Ronjo Magic Miracle Cups And Coins Set.

We are releasing a small number of these separately because there is a demand for them.

Some years back, another magic dealer released a pirated version of our coin set. Their set did not come with any instructions whatsoever and their was some confusion the street that that product was released by us and clients would call us telling us that there were no instructions with theirs.

There are major differences with the quality and the mechanics of our set and theirs. This book will teach you many effects and moves. However some of the moves described in this booklet may not be possible with the knock off set.

We'll show you how to:
Get Started
Loading & Dislodging
Cups And Coin Routine
Chop Cup Coin
Hippity Hop Coin
Pick A Cup - Any Cup
Half Through
Change Out
Invisible Production
Okio Penetration
Double Cup Penetration
Using The Solid Cup And The Solid Stack
Solid Stack Take Apart
Blending It All Together


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