Thumb Tip Kit - Deluxe (Ronjo)

Deluxe Thumb Tip Kit – includes book, silks and more.

The Magician’s Secret Weapon. The most versatile prop for magic ever created. Looks like real magic. Many effect possible. Appears as if no props are used!

Can be used close up or on stage.

Change a $1.00 bill into a $100.00 Bill.
Make a lit cigarette vanish in your hand.
Change a Blue Hank into an Orange one.
Produce streamers from thin air.
And much much more.

In this kit we supply you with:
2 9” Silk Scarves of contrasting colors
1 12 Pack of Thumb Coils - Produce 9 feet of Multi Colored Paper Chain Streamers
2 Thumb Tips - One wide, One Narrow
1 Tips On Tips Booklet - Learn 50 Tips and Tricks

All at a special discounted bundle package.


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