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Sanitizer Sensor Dispenser 500ml, Wall Mount

Sanitizer Sensor Dispenser 500ml, Wall Mount
Sanitizer Sensor Dispenser 500ml, Wall Mount
Sanitizer Sensor Dispenser 500ml, Wall Mount
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Sensor activated, nozzle spray 500ml tank, uses 4 AA Batteries (not included) Read more..

AS automatic soap dispenser, this item is adapting high-end electronic controlled infrared sensor technology and energy-saving devices with advantage of safety and stable. It ensures people to prevent cross-infection from hand touching. Avoid contact with the hand, prevent cross infection.

1. Materials as well as the whole manufacturing process meet the international standards. It is environmental without any harmful constituents.

2. Its more confidence with lock design for public places using. Meanwhile, cap can isolate the air and water which protects liquid to be damaged.

3. Product consists of separate parts which is very easy to be installed and convenient for after sales.

4. This product supports 3 kinds fluid production adjustment which is easy to operate.

5. Product enjoys the advantages of long standby with energy-saving design (After 3 seconds it will automatically enter sleep mode) and low power alarm buzzer.

ITEM NO: Automatic Soap Dispenser CD-5048

SIZE: L85xW87xH207mm



(ADJUSTABLE)          2- 1.6G

                               3- 2.0G



VOLTAGE:  DC6V (1.5 x 4 pcs)



BATTERY LIFE: More than 30,000 times

LOW BATTERY ALARM: Once the product is less than the operating voltage of 4.4v, the alarm will ring.

MEMORY RETENTION TIME: About 2 minutes after shutdown



1. This product is suitable for indoor use. Please keep space more than 40cm below the product when you install.

2. Chose an appropriate location to install the soap dispenser. Do not put it in the strong reflective surfaces such as mirror or humid environment.  

3. If the liquid is left about 1cm, please join the liquid. Product sensor effective range is about 10cm. If product beeps when there is no obstacle in the sensing area with in 14cm, please replace battery.

4. Do not use soap under strong light, because the strong light will damage the infrared sensor.

5. To prevent any object blocking the liquid outlet, please keep the soap clean and make sure no bulk impurities.

6. Please do not keep the product off work for a long time, liquid may be solidified.

7. Cleaning:

A: When not using the product, please take out the liquid and battery, clean inside with a rag.

B: Please don't flush the appearance directly, it will damage the circut board.

C: Please clean the products surface with a damp cloth and towel dry, cean the battery with a dry towel.

D: To avoid damage to the surface, please do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the product. (Low concentration alcohol or medical alcohol can be used.


Sanitizer Sensor Dispenser 500ml, Wall Mount

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