eXile by Mathieu Bich from Theory 11

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From the award-winning mind of Mathieu Bich comes eXile - the effect that kick started the latest David Blaine special with a bang. eXile takes place entirely on the spectator's own hand. Three small X's are drawn on someone's open palm. A quarter is placed in the center of their hand.

Slowly, you slide your fingers over each X, and they visually, instantly vanish. No sign of ink to be seen. Nothing. When the quarter is lifted, there are three perfect X's directly in the center of their palm.

The effect is taught in depth by Dan White, senior magic producer for David Blaine. Shot on location in the heart of New York City, USA. Comes with everything you need to learn it - and perform it.

eXile was performed across the country by David Blaine and his creative team in preparation for the Dive of Death special. It has been tested from coast to coast. From close-up performances in Paris, France by Mathieu Bich to the streets of New York - this is eXile.


After purchasing Break, you'll be able to purchase additional Break coins at a discount. Special thanks to Jeremy Hanrahan for helping us bring this project to life after years in the making.

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