Serendipity by Viking Mfg. (M10)

Serendipity from Viking Magic
Performer borrows spectator’s ring or a marked quarter, wraps it in tissue paper for purpose of cleaning it, then hands the spectator a lighter. “When you light the paper, the paper will burn away, and the unique molecular a

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A cigarette lighter effect ! We tried to think of a great name -- Aippo, Bippo, Cippo, Dippo, Eippo, Fippo...
Nothing seemed to click. And just when we were about to run out of options, it struck us like a bolt of lightning ...Serendipity: "The gift of making a discovery by pure accident."

The performer borrows a ring (or marked coin), wraps it in some tissue paper to clean it, then shows the spectator a really thorough way to do the job. The performer hands spectator his cigarette lighter: It's a test of faith, he says. Light the paper, the paper will vanish in a flash and your ring will be more brilliant, more beautiful than you've ever remembered. Trust me.


Spectator lights paper, it vanishes in a flash, leaving ... nothing. "O.K. - well at least I got the paper part right ..."


And then, after the obligatory hemming and hawing, performer discovers a rattle in his lighter. He pulls the lighter apart: INSIDE THE SOLID STEEL LIGHTER IS THE BORROWED RING!


You are supplied with a uniquely gimmicked lighter, very easy to load. When ready, simply pull the lighter apart, removing the fluid reservoir and inside the casing is the vanished ring. You receive a special satin-polished wind-proof Zippo® lighter complete with instructions.


You'll perform this often. Great walk-around piece. Perform anywhere at any time.



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