Electric Eye Kit by Xotic Eyes And Body Art

Electric Eye Kit - Xotic Eyes

Article number: 96842393009


Xotic Eyes will give you a professional make-up artist look quickly and for a lot less money. Perfect for Dancers, Showgirls, Models, Cheer Leaders, Mardi-Gras, Halloween Costumes, Club Goers and Partiers! With so many styles to choose from you can complete any look. Each kit is easy to do it yourself and are reusable and sweat resistant. This kit is perfect for your 80’s Rocker or Groupie costume.   Application is as easy as 1-2-3! 1.   Peel. 2.   Stick. 3.   Fill & Goo: Blend to the lash line.   Includes: 1 Set of Eyes (2 pieces) 1 Set of Bottoms (2 pieces) 1 Glitter Goo 1 Set of Lashes (2 pieces) *Rhinestones and Glitter Goo may vary depending on availability

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